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Rocaltrol (Calcitriol)

Generic Name: calcitriol (vitamin D3) (kal si TRYE ol)

Brand Names: Rocaltrol


Where to buy Rocaltrol online?






The main reason why you would be given a medication such as Rocaltrol is because you need treatment for a bone disease called renal osteodystrophy. The second reason would be if you suffer from postmenopausal ‘thinning’ of the bones (osteoporosis). Rocaltrol is primarily for these two conditions.


Rocaltrol is a form of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is effective because it’s able to help regulate the level of two specific minerals in the body. The first would be calcium and the second would be phosphate. These minerals are important when it comes to maintaining healthy bones and teeth.


What do you need to know before you started taking a medicational treatment like Rocaltrol?


There are specific types of medications that shouldn’t be used if a person has certain conditions. However, there are also medications that can only be taken if a person is extra careful. Because of these reasons before you were to start using Rocaltrol it’s going to be critical for you to let a doctor know the following:


 If you’re expecting a baby of if you’re breast-feeding
 If you’re aware that you have too much calcium in your urine or blood (this can happen when a person has certain cancers)
 If you happen to be using any other type of medications, including ones you might have purchased over the counter
 If you have had allergic to any type of medication in the past


In order to protect your health while on this medication, what should you know prior to use in order to help you in this regard?


You might not be in a position where you have easy access to a doctor or a pharmacist. If you do, then be sure to follow what they tell you exactly when using Rocaltrol. If you don’t then you can simply read the information on the manufacturers leaflet. This comes included inside of the pack. This will give you a lot of information and also give you a complete list of different potential side effects you might experience.


How do you make sure you get the best possible result from using Rocaltrol?


It’s going to be important that you keep any regular appointments you have with a doctor in this regard. The main reason for this is because a doctor will be able to monitor your progress and see if any changes have to be made. A doctor is going to be interested in giving you frequent blood tests in order to look at the level of calcium in the blood and how good your kidneys are functioning.


What are some of the potential side effects you might put yourself at risk for if you start using this medicational treatment?


 A loss of appetite
 Weight loss
 A sick feeling
 A feeling of thirst
 Sweating problems
 A taste in your mouth that’s metallic
 The need to urinate more frequently
 Headache problems
 Urinary infections


Some of these side effects can range in terms of severity. In a lot of cases most of these should be temporary. In any case if you experience any of these to a high degree, then get in touch with a doctor or pharmacist as soon as you can.


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