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Rogaine (Minoxidil)

Generic Name: minoxidil topical (mi NOX i dil)

Brand Names: Rogaine


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The generic name for Rogaine is Minoxidil. People who suffer from thinning hair problems or male pattern baldness can use this treatment in order to reduce the speed of hair loss in addition to stimulating new hair growth. Rogaine was first created for the purpose of treating high blood pressure issues, but the people who were using it started to report that their hair was growing on certain areas of their body. It’s not exactly known how this treatment works, but the makers believe it helps to stimulate hair growth by decreasing the resting phase of hair follicles during their life cycle.


What are some of the common side effect a person might be at risk for if they decide they want to use this drug treatment for their condition?


 Itching and a rash
 Skin irritation


What can you do in order to ensure the results you’re supposed to get due to using this treatment are what you end up getting?


Rogaine is probably one of the more popular hair treatments out there for men who want to stimulate hair growth. It doesn’t cost a lot either. This being said, it’s not enough to simply use the treatment and then wait for your hair to grow. The main goal has to be for you to protect the hair you already have. What does this mean? Well first we’ll start with the items you use in your hair on a frequent basis. This can be harsh soaps and shampoos or other chemicals.


These items are bad, because they take away a lot of the nutrients your hair needs in order to be healthy and strong. What do you think this leads to? Your hair becomes weak; it doesn’t look as nice either. When you comb or brush it, the experience is going to be more painful because of the toughness of your hair. It will be easier for it to fall out during the combing/brushing process as well. You don’t want this to happen. So proper hair health is key.


Once you’ve created a process for better hair health, then using a treatment like Rogaine can help you even more. The treatment is designed to be very easy to use and won’t require you to take up too much time. The long term results you can expect from using this treatment are going to vary though. You have to be consistent with its use. You have to frequently see a doctor in order to make sure nothing else is interfering with what the treatment is designed to do.


You might even have to make some dietary changes in order to ensure you get the full benefit from using Rogaine. All in all, long term results of any kind are going to require commitment. This means you must be willing to be consistent with the habits you have to engage in each day that will contribute to better hair health. Once this is established, then Rogaine can be allowed to work for you to its maximum ability.


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