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Torsemide (Demadex)

Generic Name: torsemide (TORE se mide)

Brand Names: Demadex, Demadex I.V.


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Torsemide is a generic name for the main name brand Demadex. Not to be confused though, because both of these are the same thing and will work the same way if you use them. The only major difference is if you purchase it under the brand name you’ll end up spending more money on it. Torsemide is used mainly to help people who suffer from high blood pressure problems. Not only does it treat high blood pressure, but it can also treat swelling caused by the heart, kidney or because of liver disease.


Torsemide is a part of a class of medications called diuretics. The way thee work is that they help the kidneys to eliminate excess water and salt from the body. When this happens the body has an easier time keeping blood pressure under control. The excess salt is eliminated through the urine. Of course, one way to assist this medication with working better would be for a person to reduce their intake of high salty foods. This would mean they have to do the following:


Stay away from overly processed foods that are known to contain high levels of sodium. This would include any kind of processed lunch meat, canned meats or even canned vegetables, because these have a lot of sodium inside them. Also stay away from various sauces.


You would have to stop using seasoning that have salt inside them. This shouldn’t be tough, because all you have to do is look for no salt added alternatives. These are not only healthier, but also tend to taste better overall.


You would want to stay away from doing things that make it hard for your body to eliminate salt. This means staying away from drinking such things as sodas, alcohol and sugary drinks. These things take water in order to expel from your body, which makes it harder to keep blood pressure under control.


If you decide to make use of Torsemide, then what are some of the possible side effects you might end up facing as a result?


 Dizziness or lightheadedness when standing or sitting up
 Excessive urination
 Nasal inflammation


The above are higher probability side effects, but their usually minor in nature. You have the highest chance of experiencing any one of these when you first start taking Torsemide. Once your body has had a chance to adjust, then you should stop experiencing these at all. If this doesn’t happen or you find that these side effects become worse, then you’ll want to stop use and let your doctor know right away.


What are some of the more serious side effects you might be at risk at by taking Torsemide?


 Chest pain
 Rapid or irregular heartbeat
 Signs of an allergic reaction (may include hives, rash, itching, chest tightness, or swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat)
 Fever, chills, or a sore throat that doesn’t go away
 Hearing loss or ringing in the ears
 Loss of appetite or rapid weight loss
 Red, swollen, or blistered skin
 Unusual bleeding or bruising
 Pain that begins in the stomach area, but may spread to the back
 Unusual weakness or fatigue
 Muscle cramps
 Rectal bleeding
 Vomiting blood


If you experience any other side effects not mentioned above, then don’t be afraid to let a doctor know or even a pharmacist.


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