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Triamterene (Dyrenium)

Generic Name: triamterene (try AM teh reen)

Brand Names: Dyrenium


Where to buy Triamterene online?






Triamterene is a generic version of the name brand medication Dyrenium. The drug is used in order to help treat fluid build-up that’s caused by congestive heart failure, kidney disease as well as liver disease.


Triamterene can be used in order to assist in reducing any fluid inside the lungs in order to help a person to breathe better if they suffer from a condition known as pulmonary edema.


In addition to this, Triamterene can also be used in order to lower the amount of fluid build-up in a persons arms, legs and stomach. It can be used alongside other medications in order to treat high blood pressure problems.


Triamterene is what’s known as a diuretic. It works by causing a person to have to urinate on a frequent basis so that they have an easier time getting rid of salt and water. It can also prevent the kidneys from getting rid of too much potassium.


What are some of the common side effects a person might face as a result of using this medicational treatment?


 Skin rash
 Mild nausea
 Vomiting or diarrhea
 Dry mouth


Understand that these side effects are common, but you shouldn’t experience no more than one or two of them if you experience any at all. The more common one out of this group might be you getting a headache or dry mouth. These are usual whenever someone starts taking medications for the first time. All that’s required is for the body to have a little time to adjust and then these should subside or go away altogether. If this isn’t the case or if you find after a period of time the side effects mentioned above become worse, then stop use and let your doctor know what’s going on.


What are some of the more serious potential side effects to using Triamterene?


 Drowsiness or lightheadedness
 Tingling sensation
 Slow, fast, or uneven heartbeat
 Shallow breathing
 Less urination or none at all
 Muscle pain or weakness
 Stomach pain
 Loss of appetite
 Dark urine
 Clay-colored stools
 Jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes)
 Difficulty breathing
 Swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat


How will your doctor know if Triamterene is the right treatment option for you?


If you speak with a doctor, then they’ll have a good idea of what’s going to work best for you, because of your medical history and the like. There can be no way of knowing that this treatment is going to work well for you without you taking it first. A doctor will want to offer you a low dose at first in order to see how you respond to it. If you respond well then they’ll continue allowing you to use it. If you don’t respond the way they want you to, then they might take you off of it.


Different people respond differently to this medication and for different reasons. So there’s no guarantee the drug will work for you perfectly.


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