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Provigil vs Nuvigil

People who have sleep disorders such as narcolepsy know how tough it can be in order to get through the day. The problems brought about due to this condition include the following:

Not being able to drive in a car. Driving in a car would not only put a person at risk that was driving, but they would also be putting others at risk as well. This means such a person has to rely on different forms of transportation, which means having to have a certain level of freedom taken away from them.

Not being able to do any job that requires the use of heavy machinery. The same problem would be at play as was mentioned in the first example. A person would be putting themselves in danger as well as others around them. It also offers a chance of liability problems for the job being worked if they didn’t take measures to know such a person had a sleepiness condition.

Having a hard time having the energy to take care of important matters. This could include dealing with kids around the house, doing housework, taking care of bills and other important functions. It can be tough to be focused and alert enough to make sure things are not only taken care of, but taken care of properly.

Provigil and Nuvigil are two medications that offer a person a chance to have a normal life. When used properly they help a person not only to stay awake, but to experience a superior level of focus and concentration. Granted there haven’t been any extensive studies done to prove this, but a lot of users have reported being able to focus better on either of these drugs.

Is there any real difference between the two medications though that would make using either one better than the other? First we’ll take Provigil, which has been on the market for a while and has a lot of patient feedback in order to support it. Provigil works well, offers few side effect risks and isn’t that expensive. Nuvigil also works well, offers few side effects and doesn’t cost that much.

So the only real difference would have to be with the way they worked in order to combat sleepiness. And this is going to be a function of experience. Chemical composition of either drug can have an effect on how it’s absorbed and how well it’s going to work for a person. It’s not advised for a user to try both drugs though, unless a doctor signs off on it.

Users can’t really expect to save too much money on choosing one of these drugs over the other. The only difference in this case might be in terms of how much of a dosage a person gets. In higher dosages one drug might be cheaper than the other. Users might also be able to find generic versions of these drugs that will work just as well as the brand name for less money.

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