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Tramadol vs Vicodin

Both Tramadol and Vicodin are used to provide treatment for severe to moderate pain. These are both well-known drugs with Vicodin having a slight edge in this regard. These pain medications seem the same at first, but they aren’t. Tramadol is a non-narcotic medication while Vicodin is an opioid, making it a narcotic like treatment. What this means is that users have a higher chance of getting addicted to the drug over the other.

One key difference to these medications is the side effect risks. Tramadol tends to be a little safer in this regard. A lot of the people who have used it didn’t report having any serious side effects that made use problematic. Vicodin was different. The side effect risks tend to be higher with this drug and because of this the following is a factor:

Users of Vicodin have to be monitored more closely in order to make sure they respond to the treatment the right way. This means not having as much freedom as one might have if they use Tramadol.

There might be a risk that the side effects can outweigh the benefit to the point where medications have to be switched. Now this typically won’t happen, but in cases where overall discomfort is increased to a high point then another option might have to be considered.

The side effects can lead to conditions that require the use of other medications if not properly addressed in time. This is usually only the case in terms of severe side effects and most people will be aware of this.

Tramadol isn’t without its problem, but its lower probability of causing addiction problems makes it preferred by many. Here are some examples:

People who might have struggled with addiction problems in the past and are trying to avoid anything that might cause them to become addicted again.

People who have struggled with medication use in the past, not only due to dependence problems, but also due to having trouble with them overall in terms of side effects.

People who don’t plan on using pain medications for long and don’t want to use anything that might cause them more trouble than required.

Tramadol and Vicodin aren’t different when it comes to their ability to fight pain. If this is the main thing being judged than there isn’t much of a difference. A difference can come into play if a person has used one or both of these treatments in the past and had problems. For instance, if a person abused Vicodin in the past then this is going to be an issue.

If a person abused Tramadol then this is going to be a problem. Such medications might not work as well, because a person might have developed a tolerance to them due to abuse or using them for way too long. This is another important factor, duration of use. Tramadol might be able to be used for a longer period of time while Vicodin certainly isn’t meant to be used long term due to the risks involved.

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