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Xanax vs Klonopin

Xanax and Klonopin are both similar drugs in terms of what they do. Both are forms of benzodiazepines that are used in order to provide help for those suffering from anxiety. This is the main use of them. However, Klonopin can be used to treat not only panic disorders, but can also be used in order to control seizures in people.

There are other differences with these two medications. Klonopin tends to last longer in the body than Xanax. What does this mean? It means that the drug doesn’t have to be used as much during the day as Xanax might need to. With this comes a lesser risk of overall side effects and a lesser chance a person will have problems due to other medicational use.

Xanax also requires a person use it more frequently in order to keep blood levels at a steady level. Even though both of these medications work well, there are some serious physical and psychological issues that can come up when people use either for a long time. The main thing people have to worry about is dependence. This dependence is bad because it will make it tougher for a person to seek out other means of help for their condition.

Getting other forms of help can ensure that dependency problems stay at a distance. It can also lower the chances of a person experiencing withdrawal type symptoms when use was to stop. Another key difference with these drugs is that Xanax seems to act different in some people based on race. For instance, Asian people tend to have higher concentrations as well as activity of Xanax for longer periods of time.

The major thing people want to know is if either of these drugs is better to use over another based on it working better overall. People tend to focus only on how well a drug works and not enough on how it is able to work or the tradeoff. Tradeoff has to be looked at. If one of these does work better it could be because the drug affect you better, specifically. For someone else this might not be the case.

Also, side effect risks have to be looked at. People who have a history of struggling on medications or those who have other conditions need to be careful with any medication use. Xanax is the well-known option here. It’s mentioned all the time and due to this people tend to request it by name. Because of this it can be harder to get when doctors feel people want it for the wrong reasons. On top of this the drug tends to be expensive unless you get it in generic form. Most people don’t opt to do this.

Klonopin isn’t seen as being the designer drug that Xanax is and because of this few people know about it. But it has multiple uses and is easier to sustain in terms of usage without problems. Dependency problems are also less as long as a user follows the directions given to them by a doctor.

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